Dilution of EIA ACT.

There were so many voices raised against EIA but I haven’t read a word about it until last night. I try or want to write for so many social issues happening around us, give my thoughts but I prioritize other things like work and pretend I’m busy with that. I won’t even share so many good things that come to me.

Now I’m trying to realize it’s not about how busy you’re. It’s all about how much you prioritize things than others.

When I come to read about draft EIA notification, I realized it’s possible threats to our ecosystem and environment which has no path to return if this happened today.

My major concerns in simple terms are

  1. Limiting public engagement.
  2. Extension/Widening of National highways or roads that cut through forest and rivers will be exempt from prior clearance. (Remember Chennai-Salem 8-way road project which was given stay in the High Court only because of this law as no prior clearance was get before assessing land.)
  3. Post-facto project clearance – means Projects which are already violating can apply for clearance through this amendment.
  4. Any violations of Environment regarding the project will either have to be reported by Govt. or the developer or builder who builds it. (I still don’t get why they are going to even complain? It’s like you’re informing the person before or after you stole something from him)

Now I see why so many people are criticising it. Let me join hands with you and let these voices get strong. We can show our support either by raising our voice or share a post like this to reach maximum people.

Spoken words are better than silence. Let’s break that silence and push govt. to drop or at least amend with common concerns that the majority have.

Photo by Amanshu Raikwar on Unsplash

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