Health Insurance – The life saviour that helped us to overcome our hard times independently.

Last month my Father was diagnosed with three major clots in his artery valves, and a couple of doctors advised to do CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting) Surgery immediately.

The surgery was successful, and he is getting recovered now day by day. However, I would like to give a brief about what exactly happened, the experience of my Father throughout the surgery, the signs we should take seriously and finally about life saviour health insurance.

It’s all started with a regular health checkup for my Father on the month of February when the doctor could find some adverse effects on the ECG and advised to consult a heart specialist at Apollo. The expert at Apollo said the same and asked to go for TMT test for further findings. It is an exercise test used to determine how well your heart responds during times when it’s working its hardest. To confirm further, my Father was perceived with TMT positive – Inducible Ischemia. In simple words, the result says, the person is at immediate risks of coronary artery blockages and has blockages of greater than 70% in major arteries.

This happened at the month of February, and the doctor again suggested to go for another test called Angiogram, which is used to confirm the number of blockages in concerned arteries. However, My Father convinced us saying he doesn’t have any problem and its all because of gastric. Since we don’t know what is TMT positive by this time and my Father used to say, whenever he takes any gastric medicines, it’s getting fine. We were utterly convinced at this moment, and things went normal till the first week of May when my Father called me saying he is afraid of his health and asked me to come immediately.

For the first time in my life; I could sense the nervousness of my Father from his tone. Left the next day to Chennai, consulted the same doctor and went for the Angiogram test in Apollo Vanagaram, the next day.

After the early morning Angiogram test, which lasted for two hours, The doctor said, his condition was very critical and urged to admit him immediately. He may get Cardiac arrest anytime considering one of his artery valves attained 90% clot. He is diagnosed with three blockages with 90%, 80% and 65% clots in significant pipes.

The doctor at Apollo said he would be on leave for the next couple of weeks and asked us to admit in the 1st week of June. However, we didn’t stop there. We consulted another Heart specialist at MMM hospital in Mogappair, and we hospitalized him after two days.

My Father doesn’t want to take surgery because I’m getting married this September and he doesn’t want to rest in the bed without doing any works. However, things were out of his hand, and he was anxious when there is no option.

The estimated cost for the operation was ~2.75L, whereas we just had 1L in hand, that too is been saved for my marriage expenses. Even though we had an idea initially that my Father will be covered under the government insurance scheme, we had no thought how much the cost will be included.

My Father has been covered under United Health Insurance Scheme as he is a Metro Water (Government) staff. Govt. deducts Rs.160 per month from his salary, and his coverage would be up to 4L. It was such a life saviour to me, where around 1.75L has been covered under Insurance, and I paid the remaining amount. Govt. health insurance schemes usually constitute 70% of the amount, which depends upon the surgery and the hospital.

It was indeed the significant help I could get in the name of Insurance at the perfect time, and we were not pushed to ask anyone for the aides. That moment I realized the value of Health Insurance and how vital it is for every middle class and lower class people. Rising healthcare costs push ~60million people below the poverty line every year in India and Health expenses are getting costlier day by day. People like us must have health insurance to overcome our troublesome times, independently.

Heart disease and stroke are among the top killers in India. They contribute to around 28% of total deaths per year, and it’s rising. I want you people to be aware of the situation, try to understand the signs of your parents or your loved ones and make sure, you get a Health Insurance quickly as possible if you don’t have.

It all started with the casual health checkup for my Father, and we saved him at the right time. So, act quickly.

I’m sincerely thanking all my friends and family for their support throughout our tough times who were with us.

Thank you.

Featured Photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash

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