Never ever fill petrol sitting on your Bike.

Recently one of my friends shared this video on Facebook which occurred recently where a person seems to be filling the petrol tank of his bike sitting and when he tries to start the bike, things went wrong.

Bike started firing where he succumbed to injuries and dead finally. This incident mentally affected me a lot which made me write this post today so that no one should face a similar situation again.

I have collected some points to remember while filling the petrol and it is your duty to teach people around you because nearly every people own a bike today and many do not know these facts, which might save them or their loveable one day.

  1. Never ever put petrol sitting on your bike.
  2. After reaching the petrol pump, get down from the bike and switch off your engine.
  3. Try to avoid filling the tank fully. There are many petrol pumps now than before.
  4. Strictly do not use Mobile phones or Cigarettes inside the petrol pump.
  5. Ask the filler not to spill the petrol anywhere on the bike or nearby while filling. If spilt by mistake, ensure you wipe it clean before starting the bike.
  6. After filling the petrol, move away from the filling area and start your bike.
  7. Lastly, take your position. (Sit on the bike).

Adding one more interesting thing which many of you might have presumed sometimes.

Have you ever visited the Shell petrol pump and filled fuel? They are the only provider who asks you to get down effectively while filling the petrol.

When I asked for the reason, one of the employees said,

We are asking you to get down only for your safety sir. Your engine might be very hot and if some petrol spills over by mistake or due to some glitches, your vehicle quickly catches fire.

Now, the question arises. Why didn’t I know this before? Am I really educated? I myself ask this question to me many times and later I convince myself saying, you are learning and education won’t teach everything in your life.

I was impressed by his answer and they were guided to follow this method in every Shell petrol pump.

So my dear friends, share this info as much as possible and instruct people. Let us be an example and be a change. Give your vote if you believe this information should reach a maximum number of people.

Source: Polimer news (This video contains graphic content and may be upsetting to some people).

Featured Photo by Juan Fernandez on Unsplash.

Thank you.

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