Capsule Farming

How many of you know about Capsule farming?

Yes, That’s how I wondered when I saw this news in one of the Tamil newspaper called Dhinakaran.

Let’s get into the detailed analysis.

Farmers in Selveli village in Cuddalore district, in Tamil Nadu, have been following this method in their village due to insufficient profit in their paddy procurement.

Since they are benefitting better in this way of farming, many farmers are trying to adapt to this technique in nearby villages which gives them more profit than normal farming.

Instead of seedling directly, they are placing paddy seeds inside Genetic Capsules and are procuring the same.

An unknown engineer in Trichy has been following this technique for a quiet period of time and on seeing this, these farmers tend to adapt to this technique in recent times.

Each capsule is filled with, two paddy seeds, Neem seed powder, Manure, Micronutrients and pesticides and planted.

For each acre, only around 60000 capsules are needed. The power of this technique is that only 2600 grams of paddy seeds are needed to cultivate in capsule farming for an acre whereas, 30kg of paddy seeds are needed without this technique.

And farmers claim, paddy seeds are protected from root insects and spreading diseases and it requires only a minimal level of water, due to this technique.

Capsule planting has been initiated for the first time in the Cuddalore district.

Let us spread this word and let this news reach more farmers.

A small share or a like is enough to bring this post to millions.

Thank you.


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