Navayuga Ratha Kanneer — Tamil Play

My friend called me for a show called Navayuga Ratha Kanneer last Sunday to which I replied yes without a second thought after killing boring Sundays for past two months.

I am not an active person when it comes to entertainment and so I was not aware of this show earlier and what it is all about.

But after a short search, I got to know about the Black Sheep team and their fabulous works. They host play occasionally at various sabas in Chennai to promote social activism among people in an engaging way.

Getting interested and preparing myself for the show.

After enjoying the concert, I thought this should be shared among people because of its quality and uniqueness. Who don’t love plays conveying a social message in an entertaining way?
Yes, that’s how it was…

Coming to the message.

Political satire is their theme.
RJ Vignesh, one of the artist in the Black sheep team, running this show boldly. They are trying to convey the social message exceptionally with recent trends ( unquestionably you will love it at the time you visit ) and the acting by the whole team was outstanding.

The whole drama seems to be flawless which lead forward everyone in the hall for the whole 2.30hrs without any doubt. Each and every audience were interactive and the claps and whistle sound cracking the hall were energetic which will give you more energy and let you know the people’s mentality encompassing you.

Each dialogue in the play, every social message they conveyed, unique acting, their thoughts and their boldness took this play to the next level.

They just nailed it when it comes to their performance. Every message in the play will change your way of thinking about the society, government, people and your real nature.

I highly urge you to give a try when you want to spend your weekend more meaningfully.

You can book your tickets through BookMyShow or TicketNew. Myself tried Rs.500/- ticket which is worth the money and time I spent there. Do keep an eye on Black Sheep Facebook Page for the upcoming show details.

Encourage Artists with your visit.
Support them with your claps.
And leave the hall filled with love and happiness.

Thank you.

Note: This is Tamil Play.

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