Organ Donation – Why don’t you?

Last Sunday, when I was reading an article in Indian Express about Organ Transplantation (Titled: Have a heart, India: With few donors, organ transplants at an abysmal 1%), It reminded about my previous post which I have written long back.

It’s nothing about, Organ Donation and it’s awareness.

This post is going to be bit harsh. Kindly bear with me and request you to spend your precious 5 min in this post.

I would like to put up some of the facts affixing to the above article so that even if at least one register after reading this post, I can promise that it would save one’s life one day.

  1. In India, most organ transplants happen through the live donations, and we won’t really be able to fulfil the huge demands unless we go big on cadaveric (within hours of the donor’s death, organs are taken out, harvested and transported to the recipient) donations
  2. If every person in this world donates eyes, there would be no blind people in this world.
  3. Heart transplants demand is been increasing in the last four years
  4. Less than 1 per cent of patients in need of heart, liver and kidney transplants got the organs last year.
  5. Not a single organ transplants have ever happened in several states including Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and the Northeastern states.
  6. 1.5 lakh people die in road accidents every year and another 1 lakh people who end up as brain dead can be organ donors.
  7. Organ contribution can save up to 7 lives.
  8. Eye donation can give sight up to 2 people.
  9. A single unit of your blood can do a lot than you think, at least a year.
  10. Most of all, you can live twice.

I am asking you and myself one question. Are we really educated?

Why are we not getting into social problems? Simple, we don’t prioritise it.

Indeed after reading this article, examine what is preventing you from registering yourself as a donor when you can save one’s life? Do you think you have any other beneficial thing to gift to someone other than the life?

I know we get annoyed and troll when a lawmaker does something funny but we are not serious when someone demands an alternative plan. (I will write about this in another study, let’s stick to this right now)

I am sure, we suffer nothing when you register. Then why again?

I don’t know what is going to be the influence of this post. But, I honestly want to question everyone whoever reading this column.

When we have time to go for a drive? Rather, at least when we have time to plan for a drive? Why are we not interested in exercising 5 min to designate ourselves as a donor.

Our previous generations struggled hard in shaping us and even though your registration doesn’t bring any immediate response as of now, it’s going to be a revolution in the next 30 years, saving tonnes of life following our death.

Most of our parents are unschooled and they might be scared of registering themselves as an organ donor or they might have not aware of these things.

When we know everything, Why we still procrastinate?

You can request me this for sure. Are you registered first?

Yes. I have registered myself as an organ donor last year, donating all the needed organs and tissues. Here is my ID goes and most of my friends knows this.

I know it’s hard to convince your parents. But I did this.

You might have heard about this news last month. Are foreigners getting hearts before Indians?

Anyone thought why this happened? Doctors and Private hospitals are hugely benefitted from foreigners than Indians, claimed Media.

But this wouldn’t have occurred if there were adequate cadaveric donations happening.

People nowadays are creatively installing organ donation stalls at their marriage functions and more people are interested in registering.

I know you too, but you need to prioritise it to make a change.

Kindly register yourself as an organ donor and be an example for the next generation.

Some verified sites to register yourself as a donor. – National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) is a National level organization set up under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. – Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu – NGO

Kindly take this a little bit serious. Organ transplantation concerns and solutions are in news several times for past one year.

You know what? TamilNadu tops in Organ Donation. Let’s retain that and be an example for other states.

I questioned you a lot. Sorry about that. It’s my responsibility to speak it out and I believe a change will happen soon.

We won’t react until something wrong happens with us. Try changing this thought.

Thank you.

Edit: Taking down the donor registration card image due to privacy concerns as suggested.

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