The library I love

The love you feel when you hear the aforementioned word. When you feel you are going to explore beautiful things beyond your life, which only some people have felt, then Little Love Library (LLL) must be the first thing on your bucket list. When you love reading in nature than in a library, you are reading the apt article, just go ahead.

LLL has been organising an event called Silent Reading every Saturday, with books following new collections every week (Children’s last week) which will pique your curiosity. Are you a regular reader? You are most welcomed to bring your books here and let everyone know why those books are special too.

The Tower parks ambience brings a magic, which makes people feel the inner peace they wouldn’t have experienced before when reading the same book. I won’t promise you that the environment may be pure silent, but you will love it when you experience it.

An objective of Silent Reading

The main purpose of Silent Reading comes after the event ends around 8 am. We will sit in a circle and Swetha, founder of LLL, wants us to discuss the book we read with a light introductory speech about ourselves. She will start with her mostly and the circle goes, in an interactive manner and your comments are assessed as well.

Myself speaking wit Murali, a writer, who is waiting for his novel to get published

You could see the love and passion in others that you taste, which connects you with them internally. Swetha even provides snacks occasionally and celebrate the event and you may be lucky sometimes to taste them.

If you’re staying nearby Anna Nagar, think of how lucky you are. Do check this beautiful event in the Tower Park at every Saturday 6-8am. It’s worth trying it out when you feel, How to spend your weekend?

Be with like-minded peoples here and discuss with them, which may bring a change in your life.

So, coming? Let me know in the comments.

Little Love Library Facebook Group

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