Chennai on Bogi

For those, who missed today morning 🙂

To attend Silent Reading – Week 33, I was preparing myself in hurry-burry so that I could make it up soon at least this time. After an oil bath in cold showers around 6am (since it’s BOGI festival), I went out to see my Mom’s Kolam, where I could spot only the mist outside, winding up my whole area. It’s time to click some snaps and Insta it, to let those who missed how today morning it was.

It was quite a tough ride today. Only not more than 10 meters is visible on the road and thanks to the AHO implementation in vehicles which was quite useful in this scene. You could see the pictures of how it is to like to ride in the foggy Chennai. After reaching Tower park, where we usually do Silent Reading, I was the last one as always. A new collection of books are placed every weak here in comics, fictional etc which adds extra flavour to your interest when you give a try.

We had one more member today called Murali, a writer and waiting for his first book to get published, shared a lot of things with us. Like his age (around 60), he is well experienced in sharing his thoughts. He encouraged to write more and to write more, you need to read more, one of his mantra. Inspiring he was.

Little Love Library everytime surprises each one of us when like-minded people share their thoughts every week, of the book they read. One of the stories today by Meyyazhagan revealed the power of cleverness and how The Merchant of Venice story is carried out.

It’s refreshing and when you meet people who are personally grown well with positive thoughts, your personal growth will keep improving too.

I am improving myself. How about you?

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