Unrecognized Chozhan temple

Do you need to visit a village with beautiful scenery, peaceful, agricultural area with pleasing roads, looks alike especially built for bikers and minutes to reach from Chennai? Do you want to visit a temple built by Chozhas, in the 11th century?  Then, It’s time for me to introduce you to a village called Nemam, situated 5kms away from Thirumazhisai, Chennai. All your above questions are answered below.

In a long Christmas weekend, I decided myself spend the day in any one the nearest place, from minutes or hours of travel from my home on a bike. Place found, like a flash in my mind, when my friend @mohanvel-v used to say about his places and I have also visited his house earlier but in the night. What’s better for a biker to ride in a chill day, with pretty climate on Christmas, and it’s only 15kms away from my house? Perfect time, to visit this place and give some words about it.

Avundeeswarar Temple

(Arulmigu Amirthambikai udanurai, Aavundeeswarar Temple)

When asked about the places to visit, he said there is a Shiva temple and assured that it will be good. Having littlest sentiments in religious things, asked for other places. Since the Shiva temple was only 500mts away from his place and my love in artefacts in temples, pushed me to have a look and I started from my house.


Delightful picture right? Yes. Since he (Mohan) is one of the main people in part of the reconstruction of this temple for 10 years, he explained all the things happened during the restoration of this stunning temple. This temple is located at the heart of this village, ringed with paddy fields and mostly this temple is built by Jayamkonda Chozhan (Rajadhiraja Chola I). When I heard the word Chozha in between, a Ponniyin Selvan lover, excited and wish to know more about this temple.

Well-versed in artefacts and construction, Chozhas pride should be known to everyone and that is the love, made me write more and more about them. Location of this temple is shown below.

Subtle idols

The idols you see here are perfectly sculptured, which you see only in limited temples. After blessings from Lord Ganesa, We went directly to the main place to see Shiva. Spotted a big 4.5ft tall lingam to my surprise, with some marks in it. Part of walls enclosing Shiva is of a kind, which water seeps through and comes out of the wall, extracting moisture from thin air. Wonder how these stones are particularly used to built 1000 yrs back? Let’s go on further stoppers of this temple.

Next coming to Ambal sannidhi where this idol head is slightly tilted towards right and right leg is stepped forward, history explains rest.

Veerabathirar statue – This is the rarest idol you will ever find even in most important temples. Don’t forget to have a look at the detailing in the statue, when you visit.

Murugan idol, again the tallest idol in this temple, competing with his dad Shiva.

View Behind

Meditation hall

Earlier, the person called Komatheeswaran who wish to teach meditation to all the villagers nearby died without making it. Later, his family members built a Meditation hall in this temple in his remembrance and named it Komatheeswaran Memorial Meditation Hall.

Around 18 pictures of Sidhars with Munivars & Rishis are placed beautifully inside the hall, giving mild ambience through suitable lightings. One would dwell in love & peace in their visit.


Over 20 varieties of trees are placed barely on one side of the temple, giving life to different species. Shiva’s optimal tree called Vilvam tree has seven leaf petals in single node here, again the rarest tree I have ever seen.

Ignored pond

A small pond is found behind the temple, which is neglected with the reason, due to inadequate funding generated by the temple. Not much people know about this appealing temple.

Pond, seeking attention.

Pursuing endowment

The above wonders depict the temple is built long back and seeking attention either by government or public.

Mr Kumar, who took initiative in the reconstruction of this temple in 2000, put money from his pockets initially to reconstruct. Few members who stay nearby came forward and after a huge struggle and with the support of the villagers, they renovated this temple at their best and invited everyone for Kumbabhishekam in 2010.

Lighthearted, the feeling after stepping down from this Chozhas temple was pleasant. Riding again my Duke 390, on a breezy evening roaming around this elegant village, left with happiness as the beautiful Christmas gift.

Location of the temple.

This place has a very good history and is honored for many good things happened for many, which you can familiarize with your visit.

Proud to be a part of renovating this beautiful temple? You can reach us at

Balasubramani M – 9840993326 (Myself)

Mohanvel – 9840115389

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