Big Salute to Dheeran

What happened to PeriaPandiyan?

The special team has been formed by Chennai police to detain after 6 persons drilled a pawn shop in Kolathur and stole 3.5kg of Gold, Silver and 1Lakh rupees after the burglars went to their hometown in Rajasthan. Periapandiyan is one of the special team headed to Ramavas in Pali District in Rajasthan and they arrested 4 persons next day after they fled to their natives.

They couldn’t get the remaining two main accused in this case on that day, and the search went again for the second time recently. After confirming a news from the informer, place where criminals hiding, special team went for a raid in mufti dress and it is said that they haven’t even informed local police. They thought it may favour convicts by any means, only they can answer this.

The special team arrested one after entering their house and enquiring him about another one. Knowing he is in another room, they went inside and now the clash begins. Family members of the accused started beating the police persons, thinking it’s not the time to carry on, force tried to escape. Here, Periapandiyan dropped his gun unknowingly, favouring the criminal, who took the gun and shot him with the revolver. He is declared dead when brought to the hospital. The report is still in an investigation and an exact scenario still needs to be found.

Language and Cooperation

The language was once again the big problem to take care of interstate executions. This special team faced obstacles in explaining the situation to the local police officers during the first visit. It is very difficult to find a liaison agent in the local language and make him understand what we need. By this time, accused would shift his hideout, said police source.

The similar case happened for Daswant (23-year-old accused of killing his mother and charged with sexual assault). When TN police force went to Mumbai to arrest Daswant, they felt difficulties with the wrath of the public. The situation was saved only after the Inspector acknowledged with his broken Hindi to the local Sub Inspector who came later to the spot.

This may also be the reason, made them not to inform during their second visit.

Police from one state, should contact other state’s police officer before the raid and get the point of contact before starting. We don’t know how far this has been achieved on this subject.

Many time the accused get support from the local politicians or local police support. Sometimes, even local police don’t want to accompany raid claiming they don’t want any opposition from locals.

Considering these things, Periapandiyan to his two sons saying often, Police job is a stressful one and asked them not to opt in his early days.


It should be well noted and awareness is needed for everyone in this case where we lost one of our protectors within our country. To make people understand the actions of Police and make them perform their duties, cooperation from the public is the most needed one.  It’s not by any terrorist, its burglars who made this. From where they get guts to shoot out the Police?

They should be severely punished for their acts and Periapandiyan’s death should be set as an example and a learning for both the Police department to correct themselves during Interstate operations and for the culprits, by punishing them severely.

Gangsters in Northern states like Rajasthan, Bihar etc., own guns in ease generally. So, proper planning and efficient forces should be taken out to take them down. Govt. should also check often about the weapons with the offenders, seize them along with the source of it. Accused have access to latest weapons whereas police forces carry only pistols. In such states, Informers too turn out to be double agents often. In this case, only six persons went to the place without even support from local police is the only reason we cannot say which took a life of brave Policemen.

What made to restrain getting help from local police is still questionable.


PeriaPandiyan, who was shot in the scene.



  1. TN special police team of six members went for a raid in Rajasthan without the knowledge of local police to catch the two main accused.
  2. Periapandiyan was shot with his own revolver by one of the criminals.
  3. Language and lack of Cooperation are also one of the reasons for his loss.
  4. Proper planning should be taken and interstate cooperation is much needed.
  5. Govt. need to have an eye on convicts often and should seize the weapons and the source of it using special force.

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