Organ Donation

Donate, not only money! That was the suitable tagline here I would mention.

Recently, ongoing through one proud news about TN, made me write this post. It’s all about,


TN stands 3rd in organ donation. Recently TN launched a special site called TRANSTAN with the Android mobile app to register for organ donation and 5933 organs have been received so far. The state’s program has done well and people have been donating. So why don’t you?

People who have registered already through online websites as donors and the mistake many do often is not letting their dear one’s aware of their decision.

Did you know, how many of your friends registered to award their organs?

Creating attention is all needed. You can at least let your parents know about your interest in organ donation. It all takes 10 minutes to save many people’s lives than you guess. I have also mentioned valid Govt. websites link to register yourself as a donor but it doesn’t impact a lot till you alert people. Make your closed one’s aware that you have shown interest in donating parts.

Convincing your parents was the toughest one. No doesn’t always mean No. You can make it.

Make your closed one’s aware that, you are interested in donating your organs. I am letting my friends know that I would like to donate. I pledge.

Mentioning some interesting facts to amaze you,

One Person,

Organ donation can save up to 7 lives.
Eye donation can give sight up to 2 people.
Single unit of your blood can do a lot than you think, at least a year.

Most of all,

You can live twice.

Sounds interesting? Excited to help?

Some verified sites to register yourself as a donor. – National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) is a National level organization set up under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. – Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu – NGO

Too busy and have no time to register?

If you are busy with your works, thought of registering it later, Save the following numbers in your contact list which might be helpful to contact whenever needed.


Will connect you to the nearest eye donation bank and you can connect with them.


National Organ Donation, Toll-free helpline initiated by Mohan Foundation.

Feeling lethargic to save contact numbers?

Just share the post with a click, you find below, on Facebook or WhatsApp and to create awareness and save one’s life. Let your friends know that you an Organ Donor.

Shy to share?

Bookmark by pressing

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Cmd + D for Mac.

This post has much important information, updating it often, will definitely help you in the future.
It might be helpful one day, maybe not today.

My Registered card goes below. So when are you about to register?


Edit: Taking down the donor registration card image due to privacy concerns as suggested.

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