Note on drought hit farmers.

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) helped lakhs of farmers in TN alone but why other sets of farmers aren’t get benefitted? Whom to blame? Govt. officials or Politicians or Scheme? Let’s have a detailed analysis of how PMFBY work.

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana

Famers continue to be saddled with the loses they incurred during 2016-1017 drought, remains in them. 55% of farmers are yet to get compensation amount benefited from the above-mentioned scheme, which is likely to set close for this year by Nov 30. The great PMDBY scheme is introduced by our Prime Minister NARENDRA MODI, to put some money into farmers pocket claimed by insurance, and to integrate stakeholders, farmers, insurance companies, financial institutions, and govt. agencies on a single platform for better administration and transparency. But farmers have expressed their disenchantment in the implementation of the scheme and coordination among officials. 15.67 lakh people have enrolled and only 6.55 lakh farmers got crop insurance compensation till now.

Implementation flaws

Farmers claim their crop insurance either through direct payment to insurance companies or through banks. Bank staffs are being blamed for the delay in forwarding the claims and other (Revenue and Agriculture department staff) have bungled in listing entries properly, say farmers.

Claim percentages were different in many cases. A farmer belongs to Nagapattinam district was sanctioned just 35.31% were other farmers in the same district granted 76.55%.

Officials have bungled with village names as well. They have sanctioned 29.27% to Aruvapadi village in Mayiladuthurai block instead of Arupathy village in Sembanar Koil block, creating confusions among farmers and there is a delay again. When enquired, insurance companies blamed Revenue, Agricultural departments while bankers tried to blame insurance firms. Farmers can proceed to next set of agricultural needs only with that compensated amount, and they need to wait till that confusion among officials clear. This is what exactly happens.

Thanjavur district collector wrote a letter to Deputy General Manager of New India Assurance Company Limited, claiming, 90 farmers from Kollukkadu village in Peravurani block had been granted 19.51%, which was the figure specified for another Kollukkadu village in Sethubavachatram block instead of original 62.12 percentage. Again a confusion made by insurance firms this time. None of the banana growers across the state has yet been compensated through insurance.

The scheme which was intended to help farmers is been disliked by many farmers itself because of bungling by officials and lack of coordination among them. They evolved the scheme but didn’t create adequate awareness among officials. – S Ranganathan, general secretary, TamilNadu Cauvery Delta Farmers Welfare Association.

Official response

₹2510 crore has been sanctioned by insurance companies for 7.14 lakh paddy farmers for 2016-17 compensation claims and ₹2196 crore has been deposited in 6.55 lakh accounts of farmers and claimed TN stood first in claim compensation. Also, insurance companies are instructed to check their mistakes and settle the amounts as expeditiously as possible.

Concluding with my ideas

Private insurance companies not be allowed to play in the sector. Apart from Agricultural Insurance Company of India Limited, which comes under Union Ministry of Agriculture, there are two private players in TamilNadu.

Govt. should create awareness among officials and explain the most need for agricultural activities needed for day to day life.

This clearly shows how govt. officials are working. Strict actions should be taken among officials and govt. can form a special team to supervise the officials working in this category.

We can make farmers aware of this scheme and you can get them benefitted. Every scheme is successful only when concerned people can make use of it.

Reference: The Hindu, dated 26 Nov 2017.

Image source: Internet

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