When protectors turned attackers

What happened to Rameswaram fishermen by ICG actually?

Recently, came over with lots of memes and messages, went viral on social media, got my attention. As a normal person, this incident affected me mentally, made to write this post and give a gist of what happened actually? The message stated claiming, ICG (Indian Coast Guard) attacked TN fishermen, but why this happened? Let’s probe into this in more detail.

Why they attacked?

Fishermen contemplating to fish in Palk Bay (image below) on Nov 13, crossing the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL), dreading the aggression of the Sri Lankan navy by risking their lives. They didn’t hide the fact that, they crossed the border and do fishing. 30 trawlers in 15 pairs, forayed into Sri Lankan waters for ‘pair trawling’ the destructive fishing method banned in both India and Sri Lanka. Fishermen were chased by the Sri Lankan navy and successfully crossed the IMBL, back to Indian waters to get help from patrol vessel. Now it’s time for ICG to play. To their disappointment, ICG instead to give hands, they further expelled on fishermen. They would be fined Rs.30,000 each if they get arrested by ICG for pair trawling and crossing the border. Treating them like a terrorist, they shot sample fire to stop them, which was highly condemnable. On reaching out, they further beat them with Iron rods and asked them to speak Hindi, claimed fishermen.

Palk Bay, where the shootout happened.

If ICG has admitted that they fired warning shots, we would have not spread this said, fishermen.

What ICG says?

ICG called fishermen leader P Sesu Raja and clarified they never intended to hurt them and regretted their act of firing. Since fishermen do not want to stand up against ICG, they decided to cooperate with them as they would be their protector by any means. The ICG should be sympathetic to fishermen who are risking their lives daily for daily needs.

Alternative methods

Deep sea fishing is an alternative method to pair trawling. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced a scheme and fishermen are willing to switch over Deep sea fishing so that fishermen could get into the deeper ocean and get several species said fishermen leader N. J. Bose. Trawling was the method used by TN fishermen and later adapted in Sri Lanka too to maximize their profits before.

Concluding with my view

Firstly, Whatever the problem may be, aren’t they terrorist to fire to stop them? Our Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the bullets fired were not from ICG and we are investigating this on further. No comments on this, let report says.

Secondly, Is there any reason to speak Hindi? asked by ICG to fishermen. How this Hindi imposition went deeper. Simply can’t deny the fact that fishermen lied, no reason for them to do as well.

Fishing in Palk Bay is the traditional method earlier for fishermen and govt. failed to assert this right and to this, Deep sea fishing was introduced as an alternate method. Will every fisherman get access to the boat and get benefited from this scheme? We already know how every plan reaches peoples. I would be happy that at least some get benefited and sad that how many going to have an effect on this.

Reference: The Hindu (Nov 19, 2017)

Image source: Internet.

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