Tenkasi, trip to remember.

Are there any beautiful places to visit in the world than the southern part of TamilNadu? No, I would say. Architects of the temple, waterfalls, food, mountains, culture, environment with Keralite ambience are some of the things which makes you have your feet on this ground.

Places to visit

With my office colleagues, we went there for an official trip sponsored by the office. We were taken to the guest house. Border Parotta was one of the famous shops near Kerala border but only Parotta was tasteful as the name say. After a splendid lunch, we went to Gundar Dam on the same day since we were on the weekend.

Gundar Dam, place to be crazy about, filled with happiness and the place it was built between the mountains was looking impressive. While selfies were going across the dam, the thing we noticed there, listening open-mouthed, where a group of guys jumping from the dam and diving into the water. Taking our excitement to the next level, we planned to dive into the water. Find a pic and a video below for your eagerness.


After a big moment, we went to waterfalls nearby, adding extra cheese to our fun and moved to the room around 7.30pm.

Palaruvi, a must visit place in Kerala around 20-30kms from Tenkasi. To our luck, we were allowed by that time to have a look and bath in Palaruvi falls.

Thenmala Adventure Zone, the place to have a busy time with your friends. Entry ticket cost was around Rs.210 but it’s definitely worth when you need adventurous plays. There was huge enthusiasm among us, starting our activities in Rope Walk, River Crossing, Boating, Archery, Flying Fox etc. The thing you experience is different from the normal theme park and definitely worth to visit such place with your friends.


Pazhaya Kuttralam situated 4km away from our Guesthouse, some of them used to bath here for a couple of days in the early morning. We stayed at Mathalamparai which is near to Zoho Tenkasi office.

Agasthiyar Falls, again a pleasing place to visit with your friends. There will be a falls at the entrance but when you need something adventurous, climb for the temple in the steps. At half the way, you will see a board saying not a recommended place to bath. Only recommended when you know swimming or you have friends who swim very well besides could save you. That board takes you to someplace where you will find none most of the time and it’s dangerous. Even swimmers some time stuck in the middle of the rocks, settled under the water. But undoubtedly, you will have a fun when you play safe.


This is the place we had fun and it looks very silent. Just again saying, be careful and everything has its limits.

Zoho Tenkasi

On weekdays, we started to work again but this time in Zoho Tenkasi. Office structural design, food, climate differs itself from Zoho Chennai office. As usual office days went. After a work, we tried making Ginger tea in our house and few Maggi packets we used to cook which was quite fun since we haven’t tried these things earlier. We were given electric stove in the kitchen, which gives competition among us like who will operate. Playing Counter-Strike and Bomb Squads throughout the night, having heavy dinner from Chellappa mess near the Great Kasi Viswanathar Temple, Night talks with few of my drunken friends (not everyone) and new office makes our trip much more memorable within a week.

Must Visit Places

  1. Main Kuttralam
  2. Pazhaya Kuttralam
  3. Five Falls
  4. Palaruvi Falls
  5. Thenmala Adventure Zone
  6. Gundar Dam (Guaranteed fun only when you know swimming). Not recommended for non-swimmers.
  7. Kanyakumari (At the long sight, visit if you have enough time)

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