Trip to Ooty

Totally 4 of us, with boring travel and a dinner with frightful taste near Vikravandi, we landed in OOTY the next day morning, with such a beautiful scenery looking outside the window throughout the travel, It was such a good trip with my friends, such a much-needed break for me.

Bad timing

It is not the time to visit such a place, saying in context with my financial deficit. We visited around Pooja holidays and not to our surprise, all the rooms were booked and available rooms were at a huge price. Two of us were going in one direction and others went in other in a search for rooms but we got only rooms that were in horrendous condition. Frustrated, breakfast was our only thought since all of us were hungry at that time. After, we went to a share auto person, asked him to take to any room you know whereas he said you couldn’t get any room in this season so easily. Convincing him, he took us to a hotel and with some little arguments and negotiation, we finally got a room which was good but that was not our budget.

Places to visit

Botanical Garden was our first visit and to avoid us from going to that place, Rain gives a quite difficult challenge and we succeeded in our first step. We got a new wig to cherish our moments and 3 new Umbrellas for each so we won’t get drenched (We shouldn’t in hill stations) to avoid hospital moments. We already had 1 umbrella. After getting into Botanical Garden, there goes our enjoyment in Rain. Pics, selfies with wigs in everyone’s head.

Ooty Lake & Boat House, second place on the same day. We had a plan of going to Doddabetta Peak but unfortunately, we ended up in Boat House due to heavy traffic throughout the road to Doddabetta. It was a charming 1-hour ride in Boat followed by shopping. We reached room around 7pm and only 3 of us (Mohan, Ismail & Myself) went to get dinner for the day and Ganesh stayed in a room who was suffering from a headache that evening.


Pykara Falls (Day 2) My friends were looking magnificent next day and excited. We had a quick breakfast, got a share auto for the whole day and headed to Pykara falls. The way leads to Pykara was adorable and falls looks good but you are not allowed to bath there. It’s just a view from long sight.

Ooty2Ooty Shooting Spot Shooting spot view was one of the astonishing places we ever visited in Ooty. It is like an open ground above the hills, best place to engage with your friends. Video below. Raja Chinna Roja was one of the Tamil film shot here.

Pine Forest, It is quite okay to visit how those pine trees are grown with a lake at the end. Just another engaging place with your friends and one should be careful and avoid running over the slopes.


Abnormal ending

Visits are enough. Now it’s time to wind up to Chennai. We don’t have cash at that time to get bus tickets and not to favour us, no ATM machines have money due to Pooja holidays, banks remain shut and ATM’s were not filled. Roaming all over the Ooty, we finally got cash from a shop with interest of Rs.40 for Rs.2000. All the buses were full and somehow we got the tickets in normal seater bus, which was an extra bus for season time. Bus rolling over the hill while coming down makes everyone feeling nausea.


was the only thought, everyone was thinking about. With heavy traffic, we reached home next day morning and our normal life begins, cherishing our moments with the pics. To conclude honestly, it was the worst travel experience with best moments in Ooty to care for.

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