Microsoft Student Partner

It was such an important chap in my life which further improved my communication skills, stage fear, technical knowledge and a lot. Becoming student partner in Microsoft is like, a profession which gives one power, to enhance and share your skills beyond.

Selection process

First is to fill the form and after a verification, here comes the second round which was, in fact, difficult for me, as I haven’t earlier. Shoot a video of yourself, introducing yourself for 3 minutes. 20-30 shots were taken and still, I couldn’t make it perfect. Finally submitted a video last day and that was a moment I realised my level and started working on it. 3rd round is like a campaign and we should create an app for Windows Phone and get it published. To my luck, got my name on the final list.

As a Student Partner

We had introduction session at an office near Mylapore where we were given instructions and the do’s as a Student Partner and a meet ended with Pizzas and soup. One of the core things is sharing knowledge about MS products as well as getting yourself updated with all the latest technologies in Microsoft. I took a session for my juniors in college, moving out of my comfort zone to make myself better in front of others. That was neither a good session and informative I would say, concluded with both praise and critics from my friends.

More sessions

One can be an MSP only till they get graduated from college. I haven’t done any big things during my period of time but it thought me so many things in my life. Handled couple of sessions in SRM University and RIT college, rewarded with cash, which improved my level of confidence and stages fear.

More to go …

One doesn’t want to be a Student Partner to get these chances. One should create a chance and get to explore this. In my favour, I got selected as an MSP, which helped me to shape myself. Make your circle bigger and have positive people around you. Help society with what you can and get critics because


which leads to intellectual development.

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