Day 1 at Zoho

On June 1’2017, Glancing at that big bucket building, Did I really make it to Zoho? Yes and you are talented to be here, my mind voice said. The journey begins …

Welcome meet

General welcome meet for the newcomers conducted and instructions were given. The do’s and don’ts in Zoho, cab facility, 24*7 food availability etc. And goes the introduction part.Everyone started introducing themselves and I was like, What shall we say and to avoid. I could see many freshers on that day, telling their backgrounds and I could see even people from Amazon comes here. My turn came and not to expect much, I just simply introduced myself and we were asked to fill the formalities.


In team

After the formalities, I was taken to the team, given the Mac and some goodies and my team lead instructed me with basic stuff like what is our team and to look at how our product works by giving a look. Everyone will be given a latest Mobile device (iPhone or Android) to choose from in Zoho. iPhone 6s Silver was the one I chose.

End of day

Going through the product for some time, some time in a pantry. Around 6.30pm, I left and reached home around 7.30pm. It was quite a long distance (30kms) from my home since Zoho is situated out of the city. While going back to my home, I was thinking about the Freebies available and all of a sudden I had an epiphany that,

Nothing is free in this world.

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